The school year of 2017 and 2018 marks the eleventh iteration of BRITFILMS, the annual english-speaking school film festival that stops in about 60 german cinemas. This year's films deal with the big and small challenges of everyday life and, more importantly, how to overcome them.


Über das BRITFILMS-Programm

The overall theme of BRITFILMS #11 is CHALLENGES. The protagonists of our movies face all kinds of challenges, be they health-related, social or just normal, everyday problems. Read more about our theme and how it relates to the six movies.

When, where, how?


BRITFILMS tours from September thru July and gives teachers the possibility to organize an entertaining and instructive trip to a local cinema. See our calender for information regarding cinemas, contact persons and dates.

For teachers

Für Lehrer und Lehrerinnen

You stumbled upon BRITFILMS and would like to participate with your class? If you are unsure about the procedures, stop by our teacher section. There you'll find all the information you will need to take part in BRITFILMS.

The film pool


In addition to our annual tour, we have set up a film pool. In it are films from previous years which can be booked for school screenings all year round.

The Archive


You have booked a BRITFILMS-screening in a previous year and would like to revisit the film in your class? In our archive you will find information on all screened films along with our study guides.



BRITFILMS is a popular school film festival giving students the opportunity to collectively experience films and learn from them. Find out more about the idea and the people behind BRITFILMS.